Good Friday: Tenebrae recorded in Ecône (Switzerland)

Source: FSSPX News

The seminarians of Saint Pius X Seminary offer you the Good Friday Tenebrae recorded in Ecône (Switzerland). 

The nine psalms are absent, but you will be able to hear the magnificent lessons and responses of each of the three nocturnes.

In the responses to Good Friday Tenebrae, we find ourselves on Calvary and, from this promontory, we embrace the whole Passion with a single glance.

Better still, we listen to Our Lord's complaint about the abandonment of his friends and the mistreatment inflicted upon him.

This is the summit of the Tenebrae of Holy Week, which holds as in a casket the story of the Death of Our Lord and our Redemption. The fifth reply expresses it perfectly (Tenebrae factae sunt).