Great Britain: One child in ten is muslim

Source: FSSPX News

The National Bureau of Statistics in Great Britain announced that of the 3.5 million children under 5 in England and Wales, almost 320,000 are Muslim, read the Times on January 10, 2014; these numbers come from the 2011 census. In other words almost one in ten children is Muslim, while 43% of children under 5 are Christian.

The strong Muslim presence among the youth is due, explained David Coleman, professor of demography at the University of Oxford, to the countries these families come from: Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. The vice secretary-general of the British Islamic Council, Ibrahim Mogra, declared that the important number of Muslim children in England and Wales is a reflection of the confidence these families have. They feel at home in Great Britain and are encouraged to educate them there!

According to the 2011 official numbers, the Muslims represent 4.8% of thee population of England and Wales, far behind the Christians (59%) and those who declare themselves “non-religious” (25%).
(sources: apic/kna/times/afp – DICI no.288 Jan. 17, 2014)

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