Gregorian chant. A new release

Source: FSSPX News


The collection of compact discs L’année liturgique en chant grégorien (The liturgical Year in Gregorian Chant), the series of 14 discs produced by the Schola Bellarmina of Brussels, is probably no longer unknown. Produced with the aim of helping many choir members throughout the world, in the learning and improvement of Gregorian chant, this series, comprising the Temporal cycle has just been completed, by a volume containing the 18 Kyriales and the 6 Credo. Three new CDs, which will give parishes and chapels the opportunity to enrich their repertoire of Kyriale, and enable them to attain new facets of the beauty of the Church’s Liturgy.

The internet site presents the entire collection.The CDs can be ordered from this site or from Angelus Press 2915 Forest Avenue Kansas City MO 64109 USA