The Happiness of Being a Coptic Catholic

Source: FSSPX News


Reverend Father,

In the n° 161 of DICI, was published the answer you gave to a Traditionalist Catholic who had asked you about the possibility of a TV broadcast of the Tridentine Mass in the “Lord’s Day” program, following the Motu proprio promulgated by Benedict XVI.

Your negative answer was motivated by the fact that “it does not seem to us appropriate to use an extraordinary liturgy which is not that of the majority of Catholics in France.” Such an argument would carry some weight if, in the domain of the faith, number was a determining criterion. And I do hope that you will agree with me that it is not. But your argument becomes a most unbelievable paradox when we learn (see your own Internet website) that on Sunday April 15 last, at 10:55 you broadcast the Sunday Mass from the major Seminary of the Catholic Coptic rite in Cairo. Would you have us believe that the Coptic rite is more “appropriate” for Catholics of the Latin rite than the Latin rite itself albeit extraordinary?

In spite of overtures from the Holy See and repeated requests for a wider application of the authorizations, and now the recognition of the “old” rite which was never abrogated, we still meet with the same ostracism from those who hold the posts of authority in the Church of France.

Archbishop Lefebvre had asked Pope Paul VI to be allowed to make the “experiment of Tradition.” It seems that this will not happen soon, since you do not even want to show the Mass of St. Pius V on TV! Is there, by any chance, something scandalous about this Mass, that the airwaves are denied to it? I do not think that such is the reason. The reason, which you cannot say, but which I believe to be the only correct and true one, is that to show the rite of St. Pius V on TV would so obviously set into relief the mediocrity of the rite of Paul VI that TV viewers would soon have made their choice! Since it will not be “shown on TV”, you run no risk of creating a demand for it. Thus “Catholic” papers will be able to continue running headers such as “the Motu proprio is not causing any tidal waves.”

If you want to prove me wrong, there is only one solution left to you: broadcast a Tridentine Mass (I would suggest a solemn High Mass with deacon and sub-deacon) with a good commentary and good translations as you proved you could do on April 15 for the Catholic Coptic rite. Then share with us the reactions of your TV viewers in their entirety (of course!).


With my priestly devotion in Christ,


Fr. Erik Briols