Holy See Communications: The Recasting Accelerates

Source: FSSPX News

As of January 1, 2018, the Vatican Typography, along with L’Osservatore Romano and its photography service, will be attached to the Secretariat for Communications, completing the reform of the Vatican media undertaken by the Pope.


A convention had already been signed with the Company of Jesus that until recently held the reins of Vatican Radio: they are still present, but as a “missionary community” in the Holy See’s new communications system.

The Secretariat for Communications with Monsignor Dario Vigano at its head has signed a similar convention with the Society of St. Francis de Sales.

Mgr. Vigano confided to the Italian Catholic press agency SIR that after “years of service, especially in running the Vatican Typography, now, with this new convention, the Salesians will be able to collaborate in all the domains of the communications service.”

The simplification and unification of all the Vatican’s organs of communication was one of the curial reforms undertaken by Pope Francis.