Holy See’s representative at Geneva defends religious liberty

Source: FSSPX News


The representative of the Holy See recalled that the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man defined and encouraged religious liberty, quoting article 18 : “Each person has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion”. He added that the international legal agencies have constantly affirmed “the value and importance of religious liberty” and that they protect “believers of all religions against discrimination”.

Then, deploring the fact that this liberty was still being violated in different parts of the world, Mgr. Tomasi specified that “Non-governmental groups take the initiative to discriminate against religious minorities, and even use violence against them, in many cases with impunity. Places of worship and cemeteries are even vandalized, profaned or destroyed; believers are terrorized, attacked and even killed, and their leaders become targets of this discrimination.”

He even declared: “A new underhand form of religious intolerance” consisting of “opposition to the right of religions to speak publicly on the consequences of certain behavior, which is contrary to principles of religious and moral nature”

While affirming the “respect” due to a secular state, he reaffirmed at the same time, the necessary recognition by the state of “the positive role of believers at the heart of public life”, justifying it thus: “This would allow, amongst other things, a healthy pluralism, while contributing to the construction of an authentic democracy”. – A sort of religious pole at the heart of Universal Democracy, as it were…