Honor to the builders!

Source: FSSPX News

On November 4, 2016, Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X, blessed the new seminary in the United States, located in Dillwyn, Virginia: the final result of persevering labor and constant generosity, one worthy of the past ages of faith. Whereas the chapel that will crown the campus is yet to be built, let us pay honor to these builders by reciting with them and for them this prayer from the 13th century, the century of Saint Louis and the Sainte Chapelle in Paris:

Teach me, Lord, to use well the time that you give me to work and to put it to good use without wasting any of it.
Teach me to learn from past mistakes without falling into gnawing scruples.
Teach me to foresee the plan without fretting, to imagine the work without being distressed if it turns out differently.
Teach me to combine speed and slowness, serenity and fervor, zeal and peace.
Help me at the onset of the work, when I am weakest.
Help me in the midst of the work to hold fast to the thread of my attention.
And above all, may You Yourself fill the gaps in my work.
Lord, in all the work of my hands, leave a grace of Yours to speak to others and a mistake of mine to speak to me about myself.
Keep in me the hope of perfection, without which I would lose heart.
Keep me in the inability to reach perfection, without which I would be lost because of pride....
If I labor for love of profit, may I spoil like a forgotten fruit in Autumn. If I labor to please others, may I fade like the flowers of the grass in the evening. But if I labor for love of good, I will abide in goodness. And the time to do good for Your glory is right now. Amen.

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