“Ignorance” the Cause of the Fear of Islam according to Cardinal Tauran

Source: FSSPX News

While several european countries are currently debating the visibility of Islam, Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran declared to the press agency I.Media that for many this fear is born of “ignorance”. Questioned on the growing “fear” in Europe with respect to Islam, as seen in the reactions in the debate over the burka and the minarets, Cardinal Tauran affirmed that “the problem in these affairs” is the “ignorance of the people who are opposed to Islam”. “These are people”, laments the French cardinal, “who have never encountered Muslims and who form their opinions based on what they see and hear on television.”  Cardinal Tauran also deplores “the general lack of culture, especially of religious culture” in the political European world.  Recalling to mind that “most Muslims are not terrorists”, the president of the pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue invites us to “see them as partners”. (DICI n°209, Feb. 6, 2010 – Source: Imedia)