Immaculate Conception

Source: FSSPX News

He who removes one single sin can change the world

No one can doubt that it is by small things that big things are governed. It is a band of relatively few men that made the treasures of the human race, few that are its true leaders and few who help it strive for what is better. Conversely, it is the foul few who drive revolutions and wreak havoc in society. These two opposite “fews” are reduced by St. Paul to two opposed “ones”: “For as by one man sin entered the world, and sin death… so by the obedience of one, many shall be made just.” Rom 5:12, 19.

The unity and power of a oneness drive every multiplicity, whether it is a master coach for a sport’s club or the master-mind of a crime cartel, whether Christ or Belial, all boils down to powerful unified forces striving for the upper hand.

God placed the power of His Beloved Son in the humility and lowness of His Human nature, a divine lever for the renovation of all mankind and outside of which there is no salvation, no grace and no true purpose. But the fulcrum of this lever, its point of contact that enables the lever to exercise its force upon all objects, is the Immaculate Conception. As a lever enters physical action through its fulcrum, so Christ assumed and entered into contact with humanity through Mary’s Immaculate Conception. And like a fulcrum, that remains in contact with the lever at every lifting action, so Mary remains in contact with Christ, not only during His earthly Mysteries, but also in His exercise of His Heavenly Priesthood. She is the Mediatrix of all Graces, enabling the power of Christ’s grace to contact men through Her all powerful intercession.

Now what this Divine Wisdom translates into is unifying our devotion to Christ by devotion to Mary. It sounds contradictory but consider the “Christ alone” devotion. Deep down, this means to divide Christ from His Mother, from His Church, from Tradition, from the various institutions inspired by the Holy Spirit, and to make Him “my own personal savior” in exclusion of the Catholic Church. Such a divided Christ has no existence. The true and one Christ transforms and sanctifies, and no devotion sanctifies more rapidly in a unilateral direction than devotion to the Immaculate one. Straight away from sin in rapid disgust and contrition, it goes straight to the essential Christ-like virtues of Humility and Obedience. From these the Holy Spirit forms “the interior man” in souls devoted to Her.

On the bottom line of our devotion, in consideration of the great mystery of the Immaculate Conception, let us remove ourselves from sin, even if it be one at a time. In our apostolate, let us remember that removing one small sin can be the beginning of a whole new life. It will be like the man, who, on new Year’s eve, turned down his friends invitation to a drinking bout. Instead, he walked about, alone, thinking. That thinking led to his future vocation. One sin removed, a new life begun. Ave Maria!