The Immaculate Heart of Mary, God's masterpiece

Source: FSSPX News

We all know the symbol of the “heart”, which is the very depth of our being, the seat of all that is precious in us, but before all – the source of our love. We open our hearts only to our intimate friends, and only to the most beloved we say: “You are in my heart! My heart beats for you! I give you my heart, etc.”

Through the devotion to her Heart, Our Lady reveals to us a very profound aspect of her maternal love. Moreover, she introduces us into her Heart, which becomes our dwelling and refuge and way. Consequently, she treats us as the most beloved ones, worthy to receive such an immense love. If we think a bit about who we are – wretched sinners, bad children, and unworthy nothings – we cannot finish without being amazed about such condescension.

The greatness, sublimity, and importance of the Immaculate Heart, revealed to us poor children of Eve, is explained by Our Lord himself, when He said to Sr. Lucy: “With immense longing I desire the propagation of the cult and the Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, because this Heart is the magnet which attracts the souls to Me; it is the burning focus, which emanates into the world the rays of My light and My love; it is finally the fountain from which comes out into the world the living waters of My mercy.” (Letter of Sr. Lucy to Bishop Gurzy, 27 of May 1943).

These words reflect Our Lord's intense desire to present his holy Mother to the world in the full extent of her spiritual motherhood. These words themselves express the incredible love of God towards us, when He wants to go to the extreme limits to save us poor sinners. But – if Our Lord has such a desire – how can we be so lazy, indifferent, and not concerned, seeing so many people who have no idea about the mystery of the Heart of the Immaculata?!

Our Lord gives also an important precision: He wishes both “cult” and “devotion”. The devotion expresses our personal relationship to Mary, somehow our heart in her Heart. It is the attitude of a loving child always ready to give all honour and praise, attention and time, to such a loving mother. The cult encourages the public celebration and recognition of God's masterpiece, the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Then Our Lord uses three images to depict exactly the role of the Immaculate Heart of Mary: magnet of attraction to Him, source of fire from which the whole world receives his light and love, and fountain never drying of His infinite mercy. This means when contemplating with devotion her Heart, we always will be more attracted to Him; we will be penetrated by His own light to know Him more and more, and by His love, to love Him in return, and in Him all other beings; and we will ever drink at the fountain of His mercy to make of us dirty nothings – children of God.