An Important Victory Against Abortion in Guatemala

Source: FSSPX News

Association "La Familia Importa".

The Supreme Court of Guatemala has forbidden the use of a manual used by the Guatemala Human Rights Commission on the grounds that it is an instrument for encouraging abortion among young people.


“Human Rights – Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Pregnancy Care for Teenagers” is the title of the manual that has been massively distributed to young people in the country’s schools since 2015. On the pretext of explaining the rights over one’s own body, the document goes so far as to claim that abortion is a natural right.

The association La Familia Importa (AFI) immediately stood up against this book and its distribution. On December 8, 2017, feast of the Immaculate Conception, the Supreme Court ruled in its favor, ordering that the distribution of the document cease and that no other manual or activity encouraging abortion and the practices connected with it be undertaken.

The Court’s resolution even asks the Commission in charge of respecting human rights to repair the negative effects that the manual’s distribution may have caused, using appropriate means in conformity with the rights guaranteed by the Constitution.