India: Appeal for donations after the floods in Madras

Source: FSSPX News

After the floods that hit the city of Madras (capital of the State of the Tamil Nadu, in the southeast of India) and its surroundings, the sanitary situation of the 6 million inhabitants is growing more and more precarious. As the RFI explained on December 2, 2015, "on Tuesday, December 2, the equivalent of two months of rain fell in twenty-four hours, making it one of the heaviest rainfalls in a century. This exceptional climatic phenomenon was worsened by the unfortunate urbanization in Madras. Almost all the metropolis' 650 lakes and reservoirs have been covered and the drainage systems are insufficient and disconnected from each other. As a result, the water can no longer drain towards the sea and is blocked in the city." - The army has been deployed to bring supplies in by helicopter, and the navy's boats have replaced the cars in the streets to bring help to isolated persons.

On December 6, Fr. Karl Stehlin, district superior of Asia, sent DICI this appeal: "One of our faithful, Marylin Venkatesh, writes us that the population is traumatized. The stagnant water and the uncollected garbage are provoking epidemics. The city is paralyzed, the airport is still closed, and the lack of supplies is worsening. The faithful of our St. Anthony of Padua chapel are in trouble as well. They ask for your prayers and moral support. Often living in poor conditions, it is going to be difficult for them to repair the damage caused by the floods in their homes."

If you wish to help them by making a donation, you can contact the district of Asia at the following email address: [email protected], or send a check made out to the order of SSPX (for Madras) to the General House of the Society of Saint Pius X - Schwandegg - CH-6313 Menzingen. - Fr Karl Stehlin ends his appeal with these words: "Many thanks in the name of our faithful in Madras, especially for your generous prayers."

(sources: FSSPX - Asie/rfi – DICI no.327 dated December 18, 2015)