India: Catholic school attacked

Source: FSSPX News


A few days prior to the attack, several members of the Hindu nationalist Baratiya Janarta Party had protested to the authorities at the school’s refusal to admit Hindu pupils. The school’s director had explained that the school accepted Christians, Hindus and children of other denominations, according to their academic standard and not their religious affiliation. Threats and intimidation followed, which were immediately reported to the local police, who deemed it unnecessary to intervene…

 Having gathered outside the school, more than 250 people resorted to vandalism, breaking everything within reach. The culprits are still a large.

 India has 25 million Christians in a total population of more than 1 billion. These 2.5% of Indians administer 17% of the country’s educational institutions. In 2005 more than 200 attacks against them were registered, 215 in 2006 and more than 100 so far in 2007. (source: Fides)