India: Hindu extremists threaten Catholic village

Source: FSSPX News


On February 10 last, an all out attack was launched by Hindu extremists against the Catholic village of Rajura, in the district of Amravati, in the state of Maharashtra in the West of India. The extremists burst into the streets in jeeps, arms at the ready, and threatened all the residents, ordering them to convert to Hinduism or they would be killed. The village church was attacked and the religious present were subjected to acts of intimidation.

“The whole village is Catholic and its inhabitants are poor, farmers, laborers – but faithful and very devout,” Mgr. Edwin Colaco, bishop of Amravati told the press agency Fides, adding that the situation was very serious, and that the village was in real danger. In his opinion, these Hindu fanatics could have been incited by a speech given by a munni, a Hindu religious chief some time earlier, in Ayodhya. According to witnesses, the munni invited them to convert Christians to Hinduism and to “kill all Christians” who refused to become Hindus.

Mgr. Colaco has asked for protection for the inhabitants of Rajura, but the latter, in a state of terror, no longer dare go out.