Internet: A New Website for Liturgical Music

Source: FSSPX News


A new website dedicated to liturgical music can be found on the Internet at: or

This website offers free scores for Gregorian chant and polyphony, CD, and studies. And if you click on the British flag up in the right corner you have access to the website in English.

To those who like or sing Gregorian chant, it offers the collection of CD The Liturgical Year in Gregorian Chant.

As of November, a selection of CDs of polyphonic music by the best choirs will be available together with information on composers and their works.

You can shop on-line to get the CDs and books you like. And you can also listen to many excerpts of Gregorian and polyphonic masterpieces.

Particularly interesting for priests, is a CD to learn all the parts sung by the priest in the Latin Mass.

A visit to this new website is a must if you like liturgical music.