Interview with Third-Highest Official at the Holy See on Range of Issues

Source: FSSPX News

Mgr Angelo Becciu

On December 25, 2017, the Substitute for General Affairs of the Holy See Secretariat of State exceptionally voiced his thoughts in the columns of the Italian newspaper In Terris.


Cardinal Angelo Becciu, one of the Church’s highest-ranking diplomats, began by speaking of his worries for the Holy Land after the American President recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel: “The positions of the Holy See on these complex questions,” declared the prelate, “are always marked by respect for international law and peaceful solutions and negotiations. The Holy Father is following the evolution of the situation very attentively, and the Christians in the Middle East are always in his prayers.”

Speaking of his collaboration with the Holy Father, Cardinal Becciu confided that his “experience with Pope Francis has been a source of spiritual growth” in his priesthood.

Lastly, regarding the reform of the Roman Curia conducted by the group of nine cardinals, the substitute said it was “absolutely necessary” and that “we all know it”.

Cardinal Becciu followed this by stating, “the Curia is not a dead and fossilized organism; it is a living structure that knows how to adapt to the times and the needs of the Church”.

Above all, may this reform serve the propagation of the Faith, and help to spread the true worship of God and the reign of Jesus Christ, in fidelity to the tradition of the Church!