Iraq: Churches attacked with bombs on Christmas Day

Source: FSSPX News

Christmas celebrations turned to mourning in Bagdad, where two bomb attacks caused 20 deaths in the Christian community on December 25, 2013.

A rigged car killed 14 people near a church in the Doura district, in the south of the Iraqi capital, after the mass, just when the faithful were leaving the building. Over 30 were wounded. Two other bombs also exploded in the same area, mostly populated by Christians, killing 6 and wounding 14.

In Egypt, the Egyptian secret services stopped a series of attacks against churches during the Copt Christmas on January 7. According to the Kowetian newspaper Al-Watan on January 2, 2013, the Palestinian Hamas and the Muslim Brothers had already gathered the necessary explosives in Sinai before the Egyptian security service intercepted communications between the two groups.

(source: apic – DICI no.288 Jan. 17, 2014)

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