Iraq: The islamization of the country under way

Source: FSSPX News


Iraq seems to be heading slowly but surely towards islamization. An Iraqi Shiite imam called on Muslims in Baghdad to compel their women to wear the veil, and the men to let their beards grow, before pleading for the closing down of all bars.

“From now on I tell you: do not allow your women to go out without veil, not even a lock of their hair should be seen,” demanded Sheik Jaber Khafaji, addressing tens of thousands of faithful, gathered in an open air place of worship in Sadr City (formerly Saddam City), a popular Shiite quarter in the north of Baghdad.

He stressed that non-Muslims as well as Muslims should conform to these orders. Without specifying if the “women soldiers”, who are swelling the ranks of the Anglo-American occupation army, would have to submit to his orders.

“Most of the Ulema (doctors of Islamic law) agree that shaving one’s beard is forbidden, so why continue to do so now, when you have no reason to be afraid?”, after the downfall of Saddam Hussein’s secular regime, he continued.

“Why must you listen to the unbelieving West and disobey your Ulema?” asked Sheik Khafaji, who is close to Sayyed Mouqtada Al-Sadr, the young heir of the influential Shiite family Al-Sadr, persecuted by Saddam Hussein. “Do not allow the bars to remain open, tell them to close them down,” continued the religious Shiite, stressing that “these rules should apply to everyone, Muslims and non-Muslims alike.”

Sheik Khafaji has called on the population not to mix with the American troops, who, according to him, incite people to loot.