Iraqi Archbishop's Chilling Words: Mines Everywhere, Even in Dolls and Refrigerators

Source: FSSPX News

Archbishop Youssif Thomas Mirkis is the Chaldean Catholic archbishop of Kirkuk. He spoke on November 7, 2017, before the Assembly of French Bishops in Lourdes.

The prelate took this opportunity to offer a report on the situation of the Christians after the departure of ISIS.

Archbishop Mirkis spoke of the importance of the help received from the Oeuvre d’Orient and the association “Brotherhood with Iraq” which has made it possible to welcome several hundred students in Kirkuk. “We need your help, your prayers, your support again this year,” he added. “These students love their land where their roots are. They wish to help rebuild their country.”

The prelate spoke of his project for schools in the country, from kindergarten to college, calling for the equivalent of a Marshall Plan in the field of education. “The children can be saved,” he declared. “Eastern Christians have always been excellent at this. When the Dominicans arrived in Mosul in 1850, they opened 22 schools in 5 years. The Marshall Plan must be cultural.”

The archbishop of Kirkuk also urged Eastern Christians who are tempted to emigrate to the West not to give in to this temptation. They should instead devote their energy to rebuilding their own country. Archbishop Mirkis does, however, recognize how difficult it can be to return to certain places: “In certain cities, it’s Hiroshima. There is nothing left. There are mines everywhere, even in the dolls and refrigerators.”

The archbishop of Kirkuk also mentioned the advice he gave to Eastern Christians who have emigrated to Europe. “I tell them: learn to fit in. Learn the language, climb the social ladder. Do not form separate cliques in the community.”