Iraqi Christians persecuted by fundamentalists

Source: FSSPX News

Many Iraqi Christians are finding the need to flee their homeland.

Father Angel Garcia, founder of the organization Herald of the Faith, returned from Baghdad at the beginning of June and sends this report.

As a witness to the destitution of the Iraqi population, he talks of his experiences.

In Baghdad, the law has given way to fear; it isn’t fear of weapons, but a fear of being mugged. (…) Workers have not been paid for three months; trash is piling up in the streets, with temperatures sometimes reaching 45°C [113°F].

The organization he directs deals with help in hospitals, where power failures prevent certain treatments.

The situation for Catholics is particularly worrying, “they are intimidated and feel persecuted,” he said.

In Basra, Fr. Garcia had the opportunity to meet the Chaldean bishop, who told him that two Christians were killed recently. The Iraqi clergy in particular are a target for the fundamentalists, “they have even trampled on the crucifixes”. The Christians are quite simply impotent in the face of this persecution.

The scenario is tragic, but not unknown: as in Iran, the Americans destabilize, which gives free rein to the Muslim fundamentalists.