Ireland: Cardinal Burke Points an Accusing Finger at Guilty Silences

Source: FSSPX News

Cardinal Raymond Burke recently gave his take on the Irish referendum on abortion. If the “yes” vote won, believes the high-ranking prelate, it is because of the Vatican’s “silence”.

“In Ireland, during the campaign before the referendum on protection of the life of the unborn, people fighting did not receive support from Rome,” lamented Cardinal Raymond Burke in the Polish weekly Sieci on June 9, 2018.

In his opinion, what happened in Ireland is the same thing as the “alarming” situation in the Church whose very “leaders are casting doubt upon Church teachings.” Tradition moral teaching, he recalled, “tells us that certain behaviors are evil, always and everywhere, and that they cannot be called good under any circumstance.”

There is no doubt for the cardinal: the situation in Ireland is an illustration of what happens in a Catholic country when the Faith is banished from public life. “This secularization leads to an abandonment of moral foundations that are not just Catholic but also, more fundamentally, natural law,” concluded Cardinal Burke.