Islam: The Numbers Back the Theory of The Great Replacement

Source: FSSPX News

Prayers on a Paris Street

Nearly one out of every ten Frenchmen is Muslim in 2017; and nearly one out of every five will be Muslim in 2050, to speak only of the French population, according to the estimates of the Pew Research Center.


The survey shows that in every scenario on immigration, there will be more people of Muslim confession in Europe in the coming years, because they are “much younger and have more children than other Europeans.” 

The Pew Research Center provides numbers that show that the majority of the immigrants who have come to Europe in recent years are Muslim: 53% of the total number of immigrants, and 78% of illegal immigrants. And this proportion is bound to increase.

The American institution’s estimates also reveal the origin of this Muslim immigration: Syria for the most part, then India and Morocco.

Germany is the preferred destination for illegal immigrants – over the United Kingdom then France – and the United Kingdom is the main destination of legal immigrants – before France and Italy.

The numbers show that nearly one third of the European population will be Muslim at the dawn of 2050. When this prediction is realized, will Europe be spared Sharia law and Christians with the status of “dhimmis”? The study does not say.