Italy: 11th Congress of Catholic Studies in Rimini

Source: FSSPX News


The 11th Congress of Catholic studies in Rimini took place at the Hotel Polo, on October 24, 25 and 26, on the theme: The Modern World in the light of the magisterium of St. Pius X.

Fr. Florian Abrahamowicz opened the congress with an audio-visual talk: “St Pius X and Charles of Hapsburg faced with the First World War”.

On the Saturday morning, the young professor Matteo D’Amico (who will also participate at the 2004 Si Si No No Congress in Rome, see DICI n° 81) gave a masterly synthesis on the philosophic genesis of modernism, entitled: “St. Pius X and the combat between modernist thought and Catholic theology”. Then, professor Paolo Taufer, well known for his many high level works, painted a disturbing picture of “globalism on the move, through the wars, the economic crises and the first indications of persecutions.”

In the afternoon, the audience turned their attention , thanks to professor Massimo de Leonardis, to “The battle of St. Pius X for the freedom of the Church”. After a short exposé on the restoration of sacred music implemented by St. Pius X, Fr. Michel Simoulin brought the Congress to a close with a conference on: “St. Pius X, clear sighted pope: from modernism to the conciliar Church”.

The following day, the Congress closed with the Mass of Christ the King, celebrated by the district superior, at the priory at Rimini, followed by a meal of Catholic amity.