Italy : the 67th miracle of Lourdes officially recognized by the Church

Source: FSSPX News


On November 11, Mgr. Gerardo Pierro, archbishop of Salerno, in the South of Italy, proclaimed the “miraculous cure” of Anna Santaniello at Lourdes, 50 years ago. The Catholic Church thus officially recognized the 67th miracle of Lourdes. The sick woman, now 94 years old, had suffered from infancy with a cardiac malformation, declared incurable by doctors, which gave her very little hope.

 At the age of forty, and her state of health deteriorating, she decided to go to Lourdes in spite of the contrary opinions of the doctors and family and friends. Breathing with a great deal of difficulty, she arrived on a stretcher and was taken to the baths, where she was plunged into the water of the source. “The water was icy, Anna Santaniello said, but I immediately felt something which seemed like a burning in my chest, as if I was being given my life back, A few seconds after, even though I had not been able, up to then, to take a single step, I got up on my own and started to walk, refusing the help of the stretcher-bearers, who looked at me in disbelief”. When she arrived home, she consulted a reputable cardiologist, “He told me, she said, that he could not find anything wrong. That I was in very good health and that he was unable to explain all the certificates and examinations carried out previously”.

 After many examinations, the Medical Commission established that this transformation had no scientific explanation and the Church recognized it as a miraculous cure.