Italy : Cardinals condemn “law” against the family

Source: FSSPX News


Cardinal Camillo Ruini, vicar of Rome and president of the Italian Bishops’ Conference (IBC), spoke his mind on January 23, 2006, during the session of the permanent Council of the IBC held in Rome from January 23 to 26. In his New Year address on the situation in Italy, the cardinal reminded the Italian Bishops of their duty to “re-propose to the electorate and the future electorate, respectfully and clearly, the fundamental and irreducible content of the primacy and centrality of the human person.” Because “the introduction of new standards, which do not meet the real social demands, seriously jeopardizes the value and function of the legitimate family, founded on marriage and respect of human life from its conception until its natural end”. This requires, the cardinal said, “extra attention on the part of the voters, but also on the part of the future parliamentarians in the exercise of their charge”.

 After having condemned the text adopted on January 18, by the European Parliament by a large majority, on homophobic speeches and violence as well as the rights of homosexual couples, Cardinal Ruini described such rights as “a profound error, fraught with negative consequences”. With regard to this, he congratulated the Italian Eurodeputies, the majority of whom opposed this resolution.

 On January 19, Mgr. Aldo Giordano, secretary of the Council of the European Bishops, said on Vatican Radio that “such resolutions ran the risk of de-legitimizing the European Parliament”. “It should be clear that certain subjects, notably those concerning the family, do not fall under the direct jurisdiction of the European Union, but under the recognized jurisdiction of each nation.”- The European Union website had posted the agenda for the meeting on January 18, adding that the declaration was proposed “in the context of the openly homophobic words, recently uttered by the new Polish government”.

 In its January 21 edition, the Rome daily Il Tempo reported the declaration of Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family. “To speak of a homophobic State does not make any sense”, and comes from “a vision without any basis, because it does not take into account the way in which man is naturally made”. European Parliamentarians “want to get these laws passed, stating that otherwise it is discrimination. But what discrimination are they condemning?” asked the cardinal. Actually, what is at stake is the respect for the truth of man before God, of his psychological structure, of his sexuality, of the complementarity which exists naturally between man and woman”, he said. “To want to impose sexual identity as if it is not something natural, but something which can be chosen, is an ideology”.

 Cardinal Trujillo went on “Politicians want to present the choice of sexuality as if it were a scientific conquest, without it being any such thing”. They announce “the adoption of children, which is strange coming from them, remarked the cardinal, “because they do not promise a stable union for the children, but they wish to have them, nevertheless”. “It is not a genuine union based on promises, but they want children as if it were genuine”. And he insisted, “What respect is there for the adopted child?” In fact, “the child becomes a mere toy and is made use of for a little peace and happiness, but the child’s own good does not matter.” What is more, all this is in contradiction with the “UN resolution of 1989”, he observed. And he concluded : “We must also invite politicians to gain acceptance for a dialogue on legal positivism, according to which a law is good because it is approved by the majority”.