Italy: Italian Bishops Stand Up For Life

Source: FSSPX News


“Children are great riches for every country: their number, the amount of love and attentions they receive from their families and from institutions are signs revealing whether a country believes in its future.” “Those who are not open to life are persons without hope. The elderly constitute our memory and our roots: the quality of the support they receive from their country determines whether the country has any self-respect.”

“The degree of civilization of a people is measured by its abilities to serve life” from its conception until its natural death. “The drama of abortion will never be controlled and overcome if nothing is done to promote a responsible motherhood and fatherhood.” “Responsibility does not consist in considering children as objects we bring into the world only to answer parents’ desire.” “A child is not a right,” nor a thing upon which we can exercise some sort of generational right or right of ownership,” “it is only and always a gift.” “No matter what, life is always dignified,” “even when it disturbs or brings pain,” and “this is true also for those who are seriously ill, old, or who are progressively losing their lucidity and stamina.” No one may arrogate to himself the right to decide that a life is no longer worth being lived. The families of the sick must rather develop their capacity of reception.”

How can “so much energy and discussions be spent in bringing up the possibility of suppressing a life afflicted with suffering, and so little energy be used to speak and act in favor of palliative care, the only true solution which respects the dignity of the person. For a person has a right to head towards death without suffering and without being abandoned to his (her) own fate. He (she) has the right to be loved as at the beginning, and open to the perspective of an endless life.”

Thank you “to all those who have freely chosen to serve life. Many thanks to you who are the serious and responsible portion of a country which wants to respect its past and believe in its future!” (Source: Zenit/CEI)