Italy: Magdi Christian Allam Warns Benedict XVI about Islam

Source: FSSPX News

On October 20, Magdi Allam, born a Muslim and baptized by Benedict XVI during the Easter Vigil 2008, posted an open letter to the pope on his website. On the eve of the first meeting of the Catholic-Muslim Forum which took place November 4-6, 2008, the deputy director of the Italian daily Corriere della Sera wanted to share with the pope his concerns about “the grave religious and ethnic downward spiral which has infiltrated and spread into the very heart of the Church”. It seems to him “vital for the common good of the Catholic Church, for the general interests of Christianity and Western civilization itself” that the Holy Father make a “clear and restrictive” declaration on the “fundamental question” which is “discrediting the Church”: “Is it conceivable that the Church legitimizes Islam as a religion to the point of considering Mohammed a prophet?”

He stated, “I say to you in all sincerity, and inspired by a positive intention, that the objective truth is the opposite of what Cardinal Tauran imagines”. “The truth is that Islamic fundamentalism corresponds naturally to authentic Islam which is of a piece with the Koran, which, in its turn, is considered of a piece with Allah. The truth is that moderate Islam does not exist, as Cardinal Tauran himself has maintained, although there are certainly moderate Muslims.”

“I wonder if the Church realizes that by not stating this and by not setting herself up as a witness of the uniqueness, of the absolute character, of the universality and of the eternity of the Truth in Christ, she will only make herself an accomplice in the construction of a world pantheon of religions, where everyone considers that each religion possesses a part of the truth, even if each religion claims the monopoly on the truth?

Why be surprised after this, if the fact that Christianity, put on an equal footing with a myriad of other beliefs and ideologies which give the most diverse responses to spiritual needs, no longer fascinates, persuades nor conquers the minds and hearts of these very Christians who are increasingly leaving the Church, who flee from the priestly vocation and more generally exclude the religious dimension from their life?”

“For me, Christianity is not a religion better than Islam, or the complete religion of a message accomplished in comparison to an Islam considered as an incomplete religion of an unaccomplished message. For me Christianity is the one true religion, because it is the authentic Jesus, God made man who witnessed among us men, through His works of truth, of good sense and of the goodness of Christianity.”

“It is precisely my experience as a moderate Muslim pursuing the dream of a moderate Islam, which made me understand that as an individual one can certainly be a moderate Muslim, but that Moderate Islam absolutely does not exist.”

Christianity and Western civilization are succumbing today to the internal wounds of nihilism and relativism, the Church has lost Her soul, under the pressure of a by-nature aggressive war of conquest waged by fundamentalism and Islamic terrorism, added to the downward spiral of a world which has become globalized and is breathing in western modernity, but only in its material and consumerist dimension, while not at all integrating its spiritual aspect.”