Italy: The Osservatore Romano denounces the experimentation of the RU 486 pill.

Source: FSSPX News


On October 6, 2005, the daily of the Holy See condemned the experimentation of the abortifacient pill RU 486 offered for the first time to Italian women in mid-September at the Sant’Anna hospital of Turin.

Strong protests against the medical experimentation with this pill, banned in Italy, had led to its interruption on September 21 last, by the Public Health department for non-respect of "procedures". On October 4, the ethical committeee of Piedmont authorised it to be resumed as of October 10.

Under the headline "One more act against life", we can read in the Osservatore Romano: "Once again, science is placed at the service of death" and "The common roots between contraception and abortion are becoming ever more obvious". They are like two "fruits from the same plant" and there exists "a link" between these two acts "not only on the cultural, but even on the technical level". By this experimentation, "they want to make abortion an ever easier means of contraception – and tragically, most efficient". It is certain that "we have now reached such a stage of deadening of the conscience that the murder of the most unprotected innocent is considered as an act of freedom". The article goes on, recalling that "small as it may be, the embryo is always a human being with its own dignity and possessing inviolable rights. To deny this truth goes today not only again reason and intelligence, but also against science". It is "the cruel hypocrisy of a culture of death which would like to take on the disguise of legality".