Italy: Tony Anatrella’s declaration on the bill against homophobia

Source: FSSPX News


During a debate on November 11, organized by the Saint Louis Cultural Center in Rome, on the theme: “The parents of tomorrow. Social question concerning homosexual marriage”, Fr. Tony Anatrella had this to say: “The idea of marriage between people of the same sex became possible from the calling into question of this institution in the West.” “Marriage, instead of meaning a commitment between a man and a woman, became the recognition by society of the feelings of two individuals,” he went on. “So, the issue would be the separation of the sexual act from procreation, making a distinction between conjugality and parenthood, dissociation of procreation from the different sexes,” he said.

 The only sexual difference which exists is that “between a man and a woman, there is no other, contrary to what the “gender” theory claims, he said, condemning the wish of militant homosexual groups demanding the right to marriage and adoption. For the child, “homosexuality is not a role model.” “We must not take action without regard to children whose psychology we know.” Militant homosexuality can be “a perverted system for which the media are the instruments in laying claim to changes in legislation.”

 Thus, for the French priest, the controversial bill against homophobia, which will be debated on December 7, (see our Documents , the communiqué of the group “yes to the family, no to homofolly”), is a “dangerous law.” On the one hand, “the definition of homophobia therein is not clear” and on the other, “if this law is passed, homosexual marriage and adoption could be approved, because to refuse it would be judged a discriminatory act and punishable by law.”