“Jews, Christians and Muslims share many convictions”

Source: FSSPX News


On October 12, receiving a delegation of members of the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish American organization against anti-Semitism, the pope said: “Jews, Christians and Muslims share many common convictions.” “There are many areas of social and humanitarian commitment common” to all three religions. “In the world of today religious and political leaders, intellectuals, economists must commit themselves to strengthening the dialogue between peoples and cultures,” added Benedict XVI.

 The pope noted the “positive progress” and the “steps” accomplished over the past forty years in terms of religious dialogue, while regretting that they were still “too experimental.” He called for “frank dialogue” allowing “an absolute and productive relationship.”

 From the Conciliar Declaration Nostra Aetate, Benedict XVI recalled that “the Jewish roots of Christianity oblige us to go beyond the conflicts of the past and to create new links of friendship and cooperation.” He condemned all forms of anti-Semitism and expressed the wish that “all recourse to religion as a reason for hatred and violence should be banished from the world.”