Le Courrier à Rome [“Mail to Rome”]

Source: FSSPX News

Many are wondering about the contents of the letter addressed in early December to Rome by Bishop Bernard Fellay in response to the Doctrinal Preamble delivered to him by Cardinal William Levada last September 14.  We are in a position to report that one of the components that make up this response is the cogently argued study by Fr. Jean-Michel Gleize that appeared in Le Courrier de Rome (no. 350, décembre 2011);  the most significant excerpts from it were published in the preceding issue of DICI.

This study, entitled “A Crucial Question”, responds to the article by Msgr. Fernando Ocariz published in the December 2 issue of L’Osservatore Romano;  both authors participated in the doctrinal discussions about Vatican II that took place in Rome from October 2009 to April 2011.

Rather than speculate on the nature of Bishop Fellay’s response, it is better to study the entire text by Fr. Gleize in Le Courrier de Rome [“The Mail from Rome”, a French-language newsletter of the SSPX], the December issue of which was transformed into “Courrier à Rome” [“Mail to Rome”].

Fr. Alain Lorans