Lebanon: The Maronite Patriarchate Fears for the Future of Christians in the Middle East

Source: FSSPX News

Bishop Samir Mazloum.

The Maronite patriarchate in Lebanon expressed its fears concerning the future of Christians in the Middle East.  In an interview broadcasted on the radio channel Voix du Liban (Voice of Lebanon) and re-published by the French-speaking Lebanese paper L’Orient-Le Jour on December 24, the patriarchate’s vicar, Bishop Samir Maxloum, claimed that “the government systems set up after the Arab Spring are Islamic, extremist and conservative systems.  There is also the Salafi threat that hangs over some of these countries.”  For the Lebanese prelate, “even the moderate Sunnites fear the eventual coming into power of the extremists.”  He worries especially “for the freedom of the Christians in the Middle-East,” considering that “the countries in the region do not seem to be heading towards more liberty.”

The Maronite Church is one of the Eastern Catholic Churches.  Its head bears the title of Maronite Patriarch of Antioch and of the whole East.  He resides in Bkerké, in Lebanon. (sources: apic/L’Orient-Le Jour – DICI#248 Jan. 13, 2012)

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