L’Egypte commémore la Sainte Famille

Source: FSSPX News

The flight of the Holy Family into Egypt and their time spent in the land of the Pharaohs is the theme of a collection of 12 medals minted by the Egyptian Ministry of Finances, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Antiquities.

The back of each medal, made of a 90%-silver alloy, shows one of the 25 sites visited by the Holy Family according to Coptic tradition.

On the front of each medal is an image of St. Joseph, the Virgin Mary carrying the Child Jesus, and the Messianic verse from the prophet Isaias: “Blessed be My people of Egypt.” (Is. 19:25)

The Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram mentioned this event on January 9, 2019, recalling that the Holy Family “left Bethlehem to go to Egypt, where they began their journey in the north of Sinai.” 

Upon their return to Palestine, the weekly newspaper went on to explain, the Holy Family “followed practically the same route, after three years in Egypt.”