Liechtenstein: the Crown Prince Will Oppose the Legalization of Abortion

Source: FSSPX News

As heard on September 30 last on German Swiss radio DRS, Aloïs of Liechtenstein announced that he will oppose any new attempt to legalize abortion in the principality. On September 18th, the inhabitants of Liechtenstein, by 52.3% of the vote, had already refused a popular initiative aiming to legalize abortion. Before the vote itself, the Crown Prince had threatened to use his right of veto. In spite of this electoral result, the Liechtenstein Parliament has again proposed allowing limited abortions, “une solution des délais,” inspired by the Swiss model which allows for an abortion during the first 12 weeks of a pregnancy. The new legal proposition will be on the agenda during the session of Parliament to be held October 19-21 next.  (Source : apic – DICI n°242 du 14/10/11)