Liechtenstein: Vote in favor of the decriminalization of abortion

Source: FSSPX News


On November 27, the inhabitants of the principality of Liechstenstein voted for the decriminalization of abortion, against the people’s initiative “Pro Life”. Supported by Mgr. Wolfgang Haas, archbishop of Vaduz, the “Pro Life” initiative opposes all forms of abortion and euthanasia, and has adopted the principle of “the protection of human life from conception to natural death.” Mgr. Haas called for “resistance to the culture of death”, in a special edition of his bulletin Vobiscum.

 Participation in the ballot was 64.2%, of which 79.2% were in favor of the system of time limits similar to the Swiss model. This counter-plan of the government was approved by 23 members of parliament against only two deputies who voted in favor of the “Pro Life” bill. Crown Prince Alois supported the people’s initiative “Pro Life”, making it clear, however, that he could tolerate the government counter-plan.