Lithuania: Bishops Denounce Bill to Make Divorce Easier

Source: FSSPX News

The Catholic bishops of Lithuania have criticized the bill aiming at making the procedure for divorce easier, stating that this would only increase the number of broken marriages in a country where divorce rate is already one of the highest in Europe. Indeed, according to the latest statistics, in Lithuania one marriage out of two end up with a divorce. – In this small country of 3.5 million inhabitants 80% of the population is Catholic.
“Marriage and the family are values which are protected by the Constitution. The juridical relationships created by marriage are the foundation of the State and of society,” the bishops wrote in an open letter addressed to the Departmen of Justice, the Parliament and the government on September 11. “Consequently, the State ought not to favor procedures which simplify the break of marriages but should rather come to the help of couples so as to maintain and support the family.” They denounce an attitude which fosters “the idea that the State seeks to ‘reduce’ marriage to the level of arbitrary private relationships.” They re-affirm that “marriage is always a mutual commitment for a lifetime. To foster and protect it contributes not only to the well-being of the spouses but also of the society at large.”
According to the Department of Justice, the bill aims at getting rid of “superfluous red tape procedures,” thus making it possible to “reduce the overload for the tribunals” dealing with divorce cases. (DICI n° 202 - 17/10/09 – Sources: Apic/ENI)