Madame Elizabeth and us

Source: FSSPX News

In times of crisis, you have to know and you have to let others know what you know.  Thanks to the Internet you can be informed about everything and one must inform the whole world.  Such is the spirit of this age.  If you do not offer sacrifice to it, you will be taken for happy imbeciles, in the eyes of those who know and let others know....

This is what the French Revolutionaries must have thought about Madame Elizabeth, the sister of Louis XVI, who in the Temple prison recited this prayer before being guillotined at the age of thirty:  “What will happen to me today, O my God, I do not know.  All that I know is that nothing will happen to me except what You have foreseen from all eternity.  That is enough, O my God, for me to be tranquil.  I adore Your eternal designs and submit to them with all my heart.”

She wanted to know only one thing:  the will of God, so as to respond to it by a fully confident fiat.  Crises pass, critics pass away, revolutionaries die... but the faith of Madame Elizabeth endures.