Madrid: The Spanish Bishops Speak Out

Source: FSSPX News

The Episcopal Conference of Spain has taken a stance against the “rupture” planned by the regional Catalan government. They also oppose the bill against “discrimination” based on sexual orientation and LGBT rights.


After the Plenary Assembly from November 20 to 24, 2017, the Episcopal Conference of Spain made a statement in a press conference on November 27, in Madrid.

Regarding the crisis in Catalonia, the bishops’ position clearly disapproves the political move made by the regional government, calling it grave and disturbing.

The Episcopal Conference also reiterated its opposition to the bill proposed by the radical left-wing political party Podemos that in cases of “crimes of discrimination for sexual orientation” would grant the administration the power to impose fines or close media outlets without the courts having any say in the matter.

This bill, the bishops lament, “excludes the visions of the human being” promoted by the Church, and establishes “a veritable censorship” in favor of the LGBT lobbies (an acronym that designates all sorts of unnatural sexual behavior).