Mali: An Adulterous Couple Stoned to Death

Source: FSSPX News

Une rue de la ville de Kidal, au Mali.

A man and a woman accused of living together without being married were stoned to death on May 17, 2017, by Muslims.

The execution took place in the region of Kidal, in the extreme north-east of the country. According to the website RFI, quoting local sources, the woman had already been married to a man who had been imprisoned in Algeria for several years. As for the man who was stoned, he was apparently the son of an important member of the Islamist militia. This warlord was supposedly even “one of the instigators of his own son’s death,” declared a “local authority” quoted by the press agency on May 18, 2017. “It may seem unbelievable, but we see every day the extent of these people’s extremism. It was doubtless a way for this ‘lieutenant’ to prove his commitment at a time when the jihadist groups are being restructured, and, of course, to terrorize the people as much as possible,” he concluded.

According to’s correspondent in Africa, “this is the first time since the Muslim fanatics were chased out of northern Mali in 2013 by French troops that a sentence based on the Sharia (Muslim law) has been applied in this area.” Despite their defeat, Islamist groups have made entire areas in the north of the country uncontrollable. These area are still outside the authority of the Malian, French, and UN armed forces, which are regularly attacked.

The local newspaper L’Indicateur du Renouveau, quoted by, also declared that in Diafarabé and the surrounding area, in the center of Mali, armed Islamist groups rule. They banned cigarettes and soccer. Women accompanied by a man other than their husband are not allowed to move around the streets.

RFI also recalled that between March 2012 and January 2013, while the north of the country was still under the control of terrorist groups, similar acts of violence were perpetrated. People accused of theft had limbs amputated; others were publicly scourged for practices that were considered against Sharia law. An unmarried couple was also stoned in July 2012.

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