“Mein Papst”: Pope Francis’ new magazine

Source: FSSPX News

After Italy, there now exists in Germany a magazine entirely consecrated to Pope Francis. Beginning in March 2015, the company Panini now edits “Mein Papst” (my pope), in Stuttgart, imitating the Italian example of “Il mio papo”, launched a year ago by Silvio Berlusconi’s press group Mondadori. The magazine uses all the typical codes of the specialized press: numerous pictures, lively layout and colors, resounding titles, anecdotes…

Similar projects are underway in Poland and Brazil, but we do not yet know if the Mondodari group, that edits about 30 magazines in France, also intends to develop such a project in French.

(source: apic – DICI no.314 April 24, 2015)

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