Message from Mgr. Fitzgerald to the Hindus for the festival of Divali

Source: FSSPX News


In a message published on October 14 for the occasion of the Hindu feast of Divali, the Hindu new year which begins October 25, Mgr. Michael Fitzgerald, president of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue, declared: “The occasion of the feast of Divali gives us much food for thought, when the Hindu tradition tells us how light conquers the darkness, as the victory of good is accomplished over evil, and hatred gives way to love through forgiveness.”

And since “nothing in the Hindu dharma or in Christianity teaches hatred, contempt or lack of respect for others,” Mgr. Fitzgerald invited the Hindus to stand side by side with Catholics to render the two religious traditions “more credible in the eyes of the world.” “Let us talk to each other honestly with an awareness of our own responsibilities for the choices we make in order to resolve the problems we face today,” he concluded. “Your suggestions on ways of doing this will be very well received.”(sic)

Mgr. Fitzgerald, a White Father, born in 1937, is described by the progressives of Golias as “open, brilliant, with a synthetic and warm intelligence, a remarkable man.”