Mexico: Church against the morning-after pill

Source: FSSPX News


The episcopal pastoral commission on the family of the Mexican Bishops Conference, reacted on January 23 to the inclusion amongst the authorized methods of family planning of the morning-after pill, rightly qualified as “abortifacient”. The organization “Cultura de la Vida” urgently called for the intervention of Mexican president Vicente Fox. For this organization it is a matter of preventing “a Mexican genocide”.

Mgr. José Martin Rabago, bishop of Leon, and president of the Mexican Bishops Conference, declared that the authorization of the morning-after pill would encourage “irresponsible sexual behavior”. For him, “the implicit message is: let them enjoy their sexuality, and at the same time avoid the risks and the resulting implications”. For his part, Cardinal Noberto Rivera Carrera, archbishop of Mexico City, declared that the pill violated the law; the majority of Mexican states forbid abortion in all circumstances.

The Archbishop of Mexico City explained precisely: “Although these means are called “contraceptive”, in view of the fact that the end result is an abortion, in reality this is called murder.” Other religious leaders have even suggested that women who took this pill should incur excommunication from the Church.

The episcopal commission firmly declares that the effect of the “post-coital hormonal contraceptive, which interrupts the implantation or nidation, is clearly abortifacient inasmuch as it deliberately eliminates the life of a recently conceived human being”. It also recalled that “abortion is a gravely illicit act, whatever the method used, which takes away the life of the most innocent of human beings”.

The declaration affirms “that it is necessary to distinguish the exact meaning of the terms, in such a way that everybody may know what this contraceptive really is,” while specifying “that such a reality must touch the conscience of all, and especially those responsible for health, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc., who have an ethical duty to make this a matter of objection of conscience.”

In conclusion, “the diffusion of the post-coital hormonal contraceptive clearly shows how the distinction between contraception and abortion is becoming more and more blurred. This springs from an anti-life mentality, fruit of the culture of death, contrary to the Gospel”.

This text is signed by the bishop of Matehuala, Mgr. Rodrigo Aguilar Martinez and by the bishop of Toluca, Mgr. Francisco Javier Chavolla Ramos.