Mexico City: After “homosexual marriage” now “express divorce”

Source: FSSPX News

Whereas last December Mexico City legalized homosexual marriage, now the legislative assembly of Mexico City has allowed “express divorce”. The new law, ratified on June 30, permits couples to dissolve their marriage contract in two hours, as long as their children are no longer minors, the wife is not pregnant and neither spouse receives government assistance.

The Church reacted timidly through spokesman Father José de Jesús Aguilar Valdés, director of radio and TV for the Archdiocese of Mexico City, who said that the new law encourages couples to take the easy way out instead of promoting reconciliation. “This kind of divorce responds only to one of the many needs that a couple in crisis has to confront,” Father Aguilar told Catholic News Service. The priest questioned why lawmakers facilitate rapid divorce “instead of dedicating resources to programs and institutions that work to save marriages”.  (Sources: apic/CNS – DICI no. 219 dated July 24, 2010)