Mission Rosa Mystica In the Philippines (1) : The Start

Source: FSSPX News

As every year for 4 years, Rosa Mystica Medical Mission arrived in the Philippines. We suggest you to follow, almost day by day, the actions of the mission through photographs and written testimonies sent by the priests and the volunteers.

"Finally! We are about to start! Rosa Mystica 2010 edition officially begins today, on the feast of St Ann, the Mother of the Full of Grace, under a shining sun. It is 7 am and our mission is already a little ‘ants’ nest’.  There are people everywhere. By 8 am, strengthened by the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered for all the miseries of the world, breakfast over, Magali having given the last instructions, the pharmacy opens its doors.  Each doctor, each dentist prepares his country side clinic, and comes to ‘pillage’ the pharmacy of dear Hughes, the chief pharmacist, who has to face this early ‘flood’ of requests.  Each medical prescription must pass through his able hands.  He is assisted in this delicate task by the efficient and polyglot Sr. Mary Concepcion, a Society Oblate, whom we meet again with great joy.

The Filipino smile and tears touch every heart.  What do you do when this poor mother of seven, living alone, walks away from the Mission leaving behind her 3 year old boy with the Sisters? We are truly reliving the days of St Vincent de Paul….

A great novelty for 2010 is that we have a mobile lab, and can therefore do lung X-Rays, the most common blood tests, and ECGs.  It is a tremendous advantage firstly for the patients who until now had to be referred to the nearest hospital, and secondly, to the physicians who can get a diagnostic far more rapidly.

We are very pleased to welcome ‘our’ two military dentists with the assistants for the second time.  They are a much appreciated help to our own single dentist.

During this time the Sisters, the Bethanians and Legionaries of Mary catechize, distribute rosaries and sacred pictures, and even find time to make a few more rosaries when the supply runs short.  However in her enthusiasm, Sr. Mary Remedios ends up doing a six-decade rosary!  “The Mission’s Decade” is born exclaims our attentive pharmacist!

Meanwhile Fr. Couture is gone on a particular mission: with Col. Etis, he succeeds in meeting Brigadier General Amat of the Second Division of the Philippine Army, to thank him for the aid the military base is giving to our mission, and to ask for tents and transportation for our people.  In return, Fr. Couture proposes a little singing concert by our volunteers to the Military base this coming Sunday.

At the end of the day, our goal hasn’t really been reached: 207 patients ‘only’, instead of the 300+ we were aiming at. This can be explained by the fact that two of our efficient doctors are on other missions, and many cases are demanding more attention. Well, in fact, we find out that we are well over our goal considering the mission as a whole.

A team had gone mid-morning to the Barangay of Teresa where the SSPX has a mass center since the days of Fr. Santiago Hughes (+2004), in the late 1998s. Our team, composed of a priest, a seminarian, a doctor and his assistants nurses, pharmacist and interpreter, set to work after the Holy Mass.  Fr Castel blesses, blesses and blesses again.  When he blesses one of these shanty houses, with raised split-bamboo floors, split bamboo walls, all open to air and bugs, Father stresses the importance of living Christian lives, now that the house has been blessed.

From 12 to 6 pm, our herculean doctor saw 179 patients.  God bless her heart!

It was a long day, but all was orderly, and much was accomplished.

Deo gratias!"

Father Daniel Couture