Mission Rosa Mystica In the Philippines (2) : Visit to the Tent Village

Source: FSSPX News

It is during a rainy afternoon that Dr. Lagar decides to go to the tent village. An hour drive, we reach the village by a muddy road. It was built for 300 families who have suffered from Typhoon a few weeks ago. They have no electricity and only one water point for the whole village. Although living in very difficult conditions, they honor their dead with dignity. A family takes turns to ensure a well decorated coffin.
Continuing, the doctor shows his two rooms house. The children are watching us all intrigued. In a glance we see the lack of care, oozing sores, fever and yet amazingly, there is a sign that explains all the same lavemant hands!

Young Filipinos seem to enjoy the arrival of visitors congregating around the flashes, but especially children are fascinated by the magic acts of a volunteer.
We will be back later for more time to take care both spiritual and corporal.