Mission Rosa Mystica In the Philippines (3) : After the typhoon

Source: FSSPX News

On reaching the village, not on asphalt but on dirt roads, after 1h30 drive, we were warmly welcomed by the Red Cross. In an instant glance we can see the immense poverty that afflicts those who have suffered from the typhoon last October. 
 We have arrived at Tent City!
The view we have is of a muddy field on which are installed many tents each containing three or four families! There is truly something to stay paralyzed before such a spectacle. After a quick calculation, we divide our scarce resources (toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap ...) in six equal parts corresponding to the six communities.
After the distribution, Father, helped by two sisters, begins the blessing of tents and the imposition of scapulars in pouring rain. What emotion  we felt to see clumps of children and adults around them to get a picture or a rosary. It is distressing to see that amidst the poverty, these souls show their inner joy. Here is their wealth.
Two and a half hours have passed, we left frustrated to leave without being able to give more than a heart full of gratitude to God for allowing us to experience this.