Mission Rosa Mystica In the Philippines (5) : Back in Sampaloc

Source: FSSPX News

We are back in Sampaloc, a suburb of Manila, the capital city. The essential aim of our mission is spiritual and we must progress each day. To accomplish this, our “fathers” morning sermons are a great help. Today, our chaplain’s message was especially for Europeans. To get people to love and know Jesus Christ, it is impossible to use money and the example of an easy life. Poor countries only have eyes for western civilization and the slightest demonstration of wealth fascinates them to a point that they completely forget the infinitely greater wealth of Divine life.

All of you who prey in France for our Philippines, don’t forget to detach yourselves from your easy and luxurious life so that your prayers have a greater echo! Who will your prayers and sacrifices go to today? To all our patients, of course, but we would like to let you know about our recent serious cases. We received a young boy of three or four years of age who doesn’t have eyes since he was born. We don’t even know if they are under the skin that covers his orbits…

We had to evacuate a man to hospital because he was bitten by a snake that we couldn’t identify.

Last of all, we must not forget one of our doctors, who came to help us from the United States and who is more than 70 years old, was hospitalized last night.

Upon this brief view of our second last day on mission, let’s offer all our intentions to Our Lady of the Philippines.