Mock marriage at Notre Dame, Paris

Source: FSSPX News


On Sunday June 5, around twenty activists of Act Up staged a parody of a marriage at Notre Dame de Paris to celebrate the first anniversary of the homosexual union in Bègles (Gironde). They entered the Cathedral where within a few minutes, they proceeded to perform a sham marriage, under the complaisant eye of cameramen from FR3 and journalists from France Inter. Dressed up as a priest, a member of Act Up “married” two women, while the demonstrators chanted: “Benedict XVI, homophobe, Aids accomplice.” Pursued by Cathedral security staff, the activists left the building, but outside conflict broke out, in the course of which the rector, Mgr. Patrick Jacquin was injured while asking to speak to one of their leaders. “Grabbed by the waist then struck on the back of the neck,” he received first aid at the scene from firemen.

“There was a demonstration in the cathedral, they were savages”, he said. “I was thrown to the ground and trampled on, struck from behind on the back of my neck, it is scandalous to attack myself and the pope. This gang of thugs invaded the cathedral upsetting the public order. I reserve the right, with the archbishopric, to bring an action against these barbarous, heinous and scandalous acts.”

 The president of Act Up Paris, Jérôme Martin, who took part in the demonstration, confirmed that he himself has been struck and denounced the stage play of the priest. “We do not wish to be aggressive towards believers (…) the security service wanted to take our banner”. “We totally refute the least violence outside of a symbolic violence which is the intrusion into a church, declared one of the “newly-weds”. The moment we started, the security people and probably a priest came up to us and tried to pull off my train, on which could be read the word ’homophobe’, before blaming the “bridesmaids.” The rector then arrived saying he wanted to discuss things but instead he shook me. An altercation started and we did what we always do in such cases, we lay on the floor.”

 The medical certificate of Mgr. Jacquin referred to two days incapacity and several bruises, mainly at the back of the neck. “No big deal,” concluded Rachel, the bride in pink.

 The Act Up demonstrators had taken part on Sunday morning at a gathering in front of the town hall of Paris, “Against homophobia and for equal rights,” calling on – together with around ten other associations – the French to assemble in front of all the town halls of France.

 The secretariat of Notre Dame issued the following communiqué: “Yesterday, Sunday June 5, 2005, after Mass, celebrated by the Archbishop of Paris in front of thousands of Portuguese faithful on the occasion of their National Feast, a group of Act Up activists parodied, in the heart of Notre Dame Cathedral, the celebration of a “marriage” between two women.

 “Such an act is extremely grave, since it violates in an intolerable way the sacred nature of this place, and ridicules and derides the faith of million of French people. The creators of this “media group,” assisted by public television and radio, are aiming to impose their opinions through acts.

 “A church is a place of worship and may in no way be used thus. The laws of the Republic assume the basic principle of the freedom of worship and its practice. The rector of the cathedral, who was assaulted, has brought an action for willful group violence. It will be for the inquiry to establish the facts and to condemn the false allegations.”