Month of St. Joseph: Follow the Example of St. Joseph by Leading a Hidden Life in God

Source: FSSPX News

The diversity of vocations tends to teach the children of God this truth, that all Christian perfection consists only in submission. He who glorifies the apostles with the honor of preaching glorifies St. Joseph with the humility of silence; we should learn from this that the glory of Christians is not brilliant works but in doing what God wants.

While all cannot have the honor of preaching Jesus Christ, all can have the honor of obeying Him; and that is the glory of St. Joseph.

Do not ask what St. Joseph did in his hidden life; it is impossible for me to tell you.

Ordinarily, the life of sinners causes more talk than that of the just, for it is greed and passion that make things move in the world.  The just man does nothing for the eyes of men because he does all for the eyes of God. That is how the just St. Joseph lived. He saw Jesus Christ; he savored Him and said nothing; he contented himself with God alone. He fulfilled his vocation.

Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet, First Panegyric of St. Joseph