A most singular use of the plural

Source: FSSPX News

François Hollande has decided to rename the Ministry for the Family “the Ministry for Families”. He explains himself in the March 3, 2016 issue of the woman’s magazine Elle: he wishes to “recognize all families,” and he lists them, “reconstituted families, single-parent families, same-sex families,” since according to him, “it would be reactionary to believe that there is only one model of the family.”

The French President is a socialist, in favour of pluralistic families, of a plurality of loves, of a succession of fidelities. The singular is, in his eyes, reactionary. Soon the Ministry of Culture will have to be rechristened the Ministry of Cultures, for what right have we to believe that there is only one cultural model? And the same goes for the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Justice…

The model, the essence of things, the natural law: these are the enemy, and they must be struck down in whatever form they appear! Always we return to the dispute of universals. Honour is a vain ideal; let us rather chase after honours, rewards, medals and such foolishness. Truth is an empty abstraction, and we must not seek to serve it, but rather find useful and profitable truths that will serve us. Goodness is a hollow notion; capable persons prefer to gather negotiable goods.

Thus a society deconstructs itself and leaves in its place a mound of termites—a “dissociety,” as Marcel De Corte would have it. At this point we leave behind the dispute of universals and begin the free-for-all.

Fr. Alain Lorans